Reuniting with An Ex During or After Covid Lockdown

Yes, the vaccine is here, but what if your ex : Became used to not seeing you at all during the last year?Found someone else during quarantine?Was used to casual communication with you during the pandemic and inadvertently slipped you into the friend zone?Used this time to get over you and is now moving on […]

How Does Love Fit Into The Plans of Reuniting with Your Ex?

Are you still in love with your ex? Is your ex still in love with you? Love is a beautiful emotion and creates the strongest of energy. As the old adage states, the world itself may not rotate without it.Our focus as ‘get your ex back coaches’ is solely to help you in the process […]

How Break Up Coaching Is Different From “Get Your Ex Back” Coaching? How is it Different from Formal Counseling?

Break up coaching is different from formal counseling, because formal counseling is conducted by members of the psychiatric or psychological communities. Formal counseling after a breakup may or may not focus on one specific issue, but more of a myriad of issues you face in your life. This type of counseling also may or may […]

Five Steps In Getting Over Your Ex

  Yes, we specialize in RECONCILIATION.  We help get your ex back.  We help coach you on the proper moves to make or the improper moves to avoid.  However, not everyone gets their ex back and once you are ready to actually move on we have a few observations and suggestions we can make in […]

What Is Monkey Branching? Was Your Ex Monkey Branching Before The Official Breakup?

  Monkey branching occurs when your boyfriend or girlfriend maintains the current relationship status with you for emotional support and companionship while simultaneously transitioning into a new relationship with someone else. This person will breakup with you after he or she is secure in the new relationship. Similar to a monkey holding on to a […]

Getting your ex’s attention with social media

Are you posting pictures, stories and messages on social media to get your ex’s attention? Are you trying to get your ex back by illustrating your sudden love for long walks on the beach? Let me guess, you bought a cat? A puppy? A new townhouse by the river? Are you showing off your love […]

Trying to Get an Ex Back After They Have Someone New

Does your ex have someone new? Are they all over social media with a new guy or girl? Have they been bragging to everyone how happy they are with the new person despite having recently broken up with you? We face this emotional predicament daily on our coaching calls and have seen it play out […]

Playing Obvious Relationship Games With Your Ex

Why do you want to play relationship games? No one likes to play games, or do they? In fact, some may argue that the ideal relationship should require zero games. Theoretically , the overall health of a relationship could be measured by the amount of “games” required to sustain the heat, spark, and the chemistry. […]

Blaming Yourself for the Breakup?

Was the breakup my fault? Probably not! If you were simply being yourself and the breakup occurred, it was nobody’s fault. It just happened. Your ex fell out of love, but more tangibly, your ex lost overall attraction. Nearly every time we mention the loss of attraction to a client, we are quickly reminded of […]

Getting Power Back In Your Relationship

Don’t allow for your ex to draw you into long conversations directly after a breakup. We see this power depleting move occur daily in our breakup coaching practice. We will explain in more detail when you call, but this is a common problem that truly messes up the chances for reconciliation in a big way

When Should You Move On From An Ex?

You need to give-up on your ex girlfriend or boyfriend when they show you certain criteria.

Who Calls ZooMonkey?

Who calls ZooMonkey?  The cliente Zoo Monkey serves… Yes. We are a real company. We serve a very impressive, wide ranging client base.  Heart break is human, universal, and very much a pain to deal with alone. It doesn’t discriminate.  If you want your ex back and you’re the vice president of Zimbabwe, you too, […]

Is My Ex a Narcissist?

If your ex is under the heavy influence of hatred, bitterness, and scorn, there is little you can do until they remove themselves from this influence which we have seen happen but if it’s extreme it could take years.

Are you going to your ex’s friends for advice?

Most of our clients confide in us that they have reached out to an ex’s friends for advice prior to speaking with one of our coaches for strategic and proper framing. For example: John, the police officer, knows that his ex girlfriend’s boss goes to a specific bar after work every day and has met […]

Using Facebook to Get Back With Ex

If your ex is not on Facebook, don’t assume he or she is not able to see your page and/or your updates, even if you have restrictions set accordingly.

Getting Closure From a Breakup

We define closure as steps taken to relieve the feelings of rejection, sadness, anger, regret, remorse, and a host of other emotions after a breakup.

Coping with a Breakup

Coping with a Breakup Is Harder For Some Than Others. Some people are indifferent and find moving on to someone new as quickly as possible their best solution. Others need a little time to work it out with themselves and some need more chances with their ex to try and make the relationship right. Regardless, […]

What Are The Chances of Getting My Ex back

Once we gather up the chances information on your odds for getting your ex back , we enter them into a proprietary grid which will give us a ” chances ” score based on high, low, medium or based on a percentage depending on the zoomonkey coach.

Should I have Sex with My Ex to Get Back with Them?

If you are considering sleeping with your ex again after a breakup and you want to get back together, call us first because even though there are general rules, it depends on your situation as to the benefit or the cost in terms of reconciling.

Is Reconciliation With My Ex Possible

Do People really reconcile with their ex girlfriend or boyfriend from following a system? Is this truly possible?

How Long Does it Take to Get My Ex Back

Long or short, we will ascertain and asses the situation and begin to fill the order for delivery of your ex back in your arms as fast as we can.

Should I Write a Letter to My Ex?

Should I Write a Letter to My Ex? Most people ask us, should I write a letter to my ex? It’s ok if you have written one or many letters to your ex. It means you have a soul. Even though it is strategically not the best idea at times, it happens… Now that you […]

A Zoo Monkey Client’s Perspective

Using the no contact approach alone will not be enough to get your ex back for two main reasons.

#1) no contact is next to impossible to truly pull off when you are suffering a breakup with someone you love, so why base an entire strategy for getting your ex back on a technique that is so unrealistically hard.

#2) sometimes limited contact and controlled contact is necessary.

Why Did We Breakup?

Why Did We Breakup? Everyone at some point asks themselves, why did we breakup? Was it really that argument over not returning a text fast enough? Most likely it wasn’t.   Without obsessing too much or beating yourself up over the breakup, understand that the breakup should serve as a personal wake-up call as to […]

Your Relationship After a Breakup

Your relationship After a Breakup Understand your relationship after a breakup will never be the same. It could end up much better and/or different, but not the same. The Zoomonkey system teaches that, if you are to re-attract your ex, your ex must see that you respect the breakup, yourself and your ex’s wishes to […]

What Is Unrequited Love

What is unrequited love? Merriam Webster dictionary defines Unrequited as: Not reciprocated or returned in kind. (Unrequited Love) In some unrequited love situations the beloved may not be aware of the admirer’s strong romantic affections. A breakup is different. A breakup can be one of the hardest pyschological circumstance a person faces in their lifetime.  […]

Are Ebooks for Getting Your Ex Back a Scam?

Ebooks are all over the web by so many different authors and some of the ebooks are slightly redundant in the information that they re-package.

Counselors for Getting Your Ex Back | The Problem

The Problem with Counselors, Psychologists, and Psychiatrists for Getting Your Ex Back We are not a replacement for “counselors”. We are coaches that help you get your ex back. We are not mental health professionals nor are we clinicians in any capacity. Assuming a mental health professional could help you get your ex back, do you […]

Break up advice from friends and family

The Problem with Friends and Family for Breakup Advice for Getting your Ex Back     We all love our friends and family and rely on them more then anything in life. But can we really count on mom for advice on getting back with my ex?  maybe not.. (We can’t live without our family […]

Top Five Benefits to Having a Breakup Coach

Breakup Advice and Breakup Coaching will help you get your ex back if you are coachable and you follow the advice from a certified Zoo Monkey instructor. Getting your ex back takes serious strategic decisions.

How to Get Your Ex Back System | The Best System for Getting Your Ex Back

Do you have a method or a system to get your ex back? Stop contacting your ex in any capacity until you call ZooMonkey so we can get you on a charted course for reconciliation with your ex. First: We need to change your ex’s perspective of you. Second: Teach you the steps to allow your […]

Three Ways to Stop Missing Your Ex Boyfriend or Ex Girlfriend

Missing your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is the most brutal part of a breakup. It is straining on one’s overall outlook of life and can be very difficult. Unrequited love is tough to deal with. This short article simply illustrates three useful practices to help.

Strategy for getting your ex back | Three Things to Avoid When Contacting Your Ex

Sometimes getting your ex back is about what to avoid as much as it is about what to actually do. These three steps touch on a few key items to avoid when contacting your ex.

What is the Friend Zone?

Is the friend zone a good place to be with your ex or is the friend zone a bad place to be with your ex girlfriend or boyfriend?   Have you ever wondered if you were too friendly with your ex or if you were trapped into a friend zone and no longer a romantic […]