What Is Unrequited Love

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What is unrequited love?

Merriam Webster dictionary defines Unrequited as: Not reciprocated or returned in kind. (Unrequited Love)

Unrequited Love

You will get through this.

In some unrequited love situations the beloved may not be aware of the admirer’s strong romantic affections. A breakup is different.

A breakup can be one of the hardest pyschological circumstance a person faces in their lifetime.  The hard-wired human desire to reconcile and get back together with the one they love can be insatiable and as hard to overcome as any severe addiction; physical or otherwise.  After a breakup, you may find yourself desparately missing your ex and wanting them back. Unfortunately, you more than likely will be faced with an unrequited love scenerio. The expressions of love you show not being returned now. You may want your ex back with all your heart.  But you are needing to face the reality of no longer simply calling your ex for friendly conversation or to make plans for the weekend. In fact, your options are limited after a breakup, because a breakup is a request by one person in the relationship to disengage from the relationship altogether.

What should you do to reconcile with your ex? According to the ZooMonkey principles, you need to follow the steps of re-attraction.

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