Are Ebooks for Getting Your Ex Back a Scam?

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Are E-books for getting your ex back a scam?

Not really. It’s just that the major problem with books or Ebooks for getting your ex back is, they are about as effective as a bathroom band-aid on a stab wound.


Real life is too twisty-turny for a book to teach you how to get your ex back. 

Any book has some value, relationship ebook or not. Some are fabulous. But we don’t believe they can ultimately be as effective as speaking to a human being about your relationship problems and getting your ex back.

There are so many Ebooks for getting your ex back on the web by so many authors that most of them are redundant in the information they present. It really is one size fits all.

But we are happy to advise you on the specific ebook/s that you have purchased.  We are not offended if you use an ebook in conjunction with our coaching, either. We understand that other sources of information are out there on the consumer market place.

Your first call with us is free and we believe after you talk with us, you will realize that your situation isn’t as ebook cookie cutter as they want you to think. Everybody is different, every breakup is unique and we are here to help you.

When you call us, we will help you decide where you are in your breakup process 1-888-666-1871


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