Reuniting with An Ex During or After Covid Lockdown

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Yes, the vaccine is here, but what if your ex :

Became used to not seeing you at all during the last year?
Found someone else during quarantine?
Was used to casual communication with you during the pandemic and inadvertently slipped you into the friend zone?
Used this time to get over you and is now moving on for good?
Has decided during all of this alone time that they are better off being single for a while and might consider reconciliation at a later date?

If your ex became used to not seeing you during the lockdown, but you did a good job being scarce and not readily available at any moment on a dime, then your chances of reconciliation are good. As long your ex did most of the contacting and you get your ratios in check in terms of initiating / responding then you are in really good shape. When you call us we can clearly go over the optimal steps and best practices for reigniting the spark.

If your ex found someone else during quarantine via dating apps or social media, do not panic. It all depends on several factors.

Have they actually spent physical time together to measure each other out in terms of compatibility?

Have they simply used each other for emotional support, yet haven’t had a chance to test real compatibility?

Are they over compensating displays of affection to merely appear in love or smitten, when in reality it spells rebound?

Are there jealousy plays being made?

Is your ex also reaching out to you while supposedly in this new relationship or is your ex completely ignoring your outreach despite your approach?

All these questions and many more matter for reconciliation odds.

How have you behaved toward this new found relationship between your ex and their new person? Did you and your ex become ‘too friendly’ during quarantine where you relegated yourself to being an emotional tampon or emotional support animal? Did this friend zone scenario zap all romantic feelings from the previous relationship to the point you are seriously struggling in the friend zone? The friend zone is a unique and separate area that can be very difficult to escape if not played correctly, but it also isn’t insurmountable. Some would argue it presents new opportunities for a heightened , improved relationship once the physical is added back into the equation, but getting out of the friend zone absolutely needs to be discussed with a professional.

If your ex used this time to truly move on and is resolute in their convictions despite your efforts and desires then you may be out of bullets to fire and done… Then again, it all depends on how resolute and entrenched your ex is regarding the negative outlook towards you two as a couple. Sometimes people mean what they say and they are done for good and other times, people are playing games, or thirdly, they mean what they say at the time but change their minds later despite previously stated desires.

Breakups during the pandemic have proven to be very challenging for some and actually helped a lot in reconciliation for others due to the natural break in physical contact etc. Every situation, every relationship and every breakup is different. When you call us, we will ascertain where you fit into these scenarios with your ex and help with the odds of reconciliation. Hang in there!

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