How Break Up Coaching Is Different From “Get Your Ex Back” Coaching? How is it Different from Formal Counseling?

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Break up coaching is different from formal counseling, because formal counseling is conducted by members of the psychiatric or psychological communities. Formal counseling after a breakup may or may not focus on one specific issue, but more of a myriad of issues you face in your life. This type of counseling also may or may not include meditation, talk of childhood, prescription medication, and clinical topics unrelated to your ex. We do not claim to replace formal counseling in any capacity nor do we claim to study any methods or practices conducted in formal counseling.

Break up coaching may be a bit more narrow than open ended, formal counseling, yet can also contain elements of life coaching and wider topics other than your break up. Break up coaching is beneficial for those who have a host of issues that pertain to their break up and they want to discuss how the issues impacted their break up and perhaps how they can change for future relationships.

Break up coaching also helps with getting over break ups and helps people productively move on from their last relationship. Break up support coaching can help a person delve into all aspects of themselves and their ex and help isolate or identify areas for improvement going forward. This type of coaching is something we often do with clients after they get an ex back and ultimately decide the relationship is still broken and irreparable, or if they decide the effort toward reconciliation is not worth the energy and mind space despite re-attraction moves being made.

What is Get your Ex Back Coaching ? Do I need a Get My Ex Back Coach?

A good get your ex back coach, using the ZooMonkey system specifically, focuses primarily on your ex since he or she is the audience we want to re-capture. The number one rule in sales is to know your prospects needs and desires. Sales? What does sales have to do with any of this? Exactly. You need a get your ex back coach if you are asking this question and want to reconcile. The break up happened. It is real. And you can’t use the same attitude and approach that you are accustomed to using since those methods have been proven ineffective.

Your needs and desires are actually subordinated during this type of coaching in order to maintain the proper emphasis on re-attracting your ex. If we coached based on your needs alone, the odds of getting your ex back significantly decrease. For example, posting on social media may be something you don’t often do or conversely, posting on social media may be something you are addicted to. Well, we will talk extensively on whether or not we can utilize this tool regardless of your needs. We would never encourage any play on social media be made that wasn’t comfortable and ever force or bulldoze you into making moves in any capacity. However, our focus in terms of suggesting such moves will be based around your ex’s perception despite your perception.

A better example would be frequency of contact. You may have the need to contact your ex all the time, and this need may very well work in concert to our strategy and tact. However, contacting your ex, despite your needs or desires, may be caustic toward reaching the quickest reconciliation.

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