What Is Monkey Branching? Was Your Ex Monkey Branching Before The Official Breakup?

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Monkey branching occurs when your boyfriend or girlfriend maintains the current relationship status with you for emotional support and companionship while simultaneously transitioning into a new relationship with someone else.

This person will breakup with you after he or she is secure in the new relationship. Similar to a monkey holding on to a branch with one hand while grasping another branch with the other hand, your boyfriend or girlfriend will swing to the new relationship leaving you empty handed while he or she does not experience any time being single or without the security of a branch in hand.

If anyone should know the answer to this question it would be Zoo Monkey based on our name alone. However, even if we were called something else we would still be very keen to this phenomenon as a get my ex back coaching company since we deal with the aftermath of the monkey branch daily.

What is the difference between being monkey branched or cheated on?Monkey branching

Being cheated on is the broader category that may or may not culminate in a breakup depending on both parties reaction to the cheating. Being monkey branched means you were cheated on and dumped and your ex is now in a new relationship. Both are extremely hurtful but the monkey branch tends to sting a tad more as a sub category of cheating.

Can I get my ex back if I was monkey branched?
Sometimes yes, but reconciliation depends on several factors that we must discuss since a million scenarios exist around this topic such as:
whether or not the new relationship was solely based on lust or revenge
The length of your relationship versus the length of the new relationship
The conditions surrounding the cheating- long distance, work related, etc.
Your reactions to the breakup
Your reactions to the discovery of the new person and your current behavior toward your ex
The overall health of your relationship when things were going well
Whether or not you too were cheating but not looking to monkey branch

When you reach out to us for a “what are my chances of getting me ex back” phone call, we will cover all these topics prior to issuing you an odds assessment for reconciliation. The first “what are my chances of getting my ex back phone coaching call” is conducted without a charge to you and typically takes 15 minutes. We conduct this phone call for our own purposes as much as for yourself since we don’t want to assign you a get my ex back coach or recommend get my ex back coaching without believing you have some decent odds of reconciliation with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Whether you call us or not, a monkey branching situation is never fun and we hope you either move on peacefully which may be the best course of action or speak to someone who knows how to handle this common yet complicated situation with years of daily experience.

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