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Are you posting pictures, stories and messages on social media to get your ex’s attention?

Are you trying to get your ex back by illustrating your sudden love for long walks on the beach? Let me guess, you bought a cat? A puppy? A new townhouse by the river?

Are you showing off your love for scuba diving in the Maldives with your magnificently toned body? Are you posting pics on Instagram of your amazing times in Sri Lanka? Partying in the West End of London with Russian models? Are you kicking it old school with a 28 year old Ukrainian girl in Dubai sipping espresso for all to see? You are killing it!

What about teaching yoga on TikTok? WAPping your heart out? Are you an expert on digital filters to look younger and sexier? Posing in a bikini with a bunch of men on a boat? Posting pics of you and your girlfriends at Dirt Bags taking tequila shots and having the time of your life? Are you bashing ‘narcissists’ all over Facebook with descriptive memes? Shouldn’t your ex hear through the grapevine that you know they are a pig? Have you found yourself educating the general public as to the perils of dating these treacherous animals?

As you know, we all post content online for the consumption of an invisible audience or for a specific individual. I want my ex back you say to yourself. I will do anything to get my ex back.

However, the bigger question remains:
Do any of these posts, pics or stories and messages and video clips and snap updates actually work to get your ex back?

Answer: Sometimes.

Do these methods ever ruin your chances forever with getting your ex back?

Yes. Sometimes.

The root concern is not social media. The root concern is not whether your pics are good or bad or whether you have gained or lost weight… The number one concern is the emotion created by your posts. Yes, this concept seems extremely obvious, but when you are going through a breakup, you are sideways and totally off kilter at times. Sometimes, we find, people lose their ability to use social media to their advantage after a breakup regardless of how they behaved on it during the relationship. We see it every day.

For example, if you are looking to make your ex jealous, then what better way to do so by posing in a bikini looking hot on a boat with a bunch of people? However, the real question is whether or not you need to make your ex jealous at this specific time?

What if your ex is the type that does indeed have the capacity to feel the intense emotions of jealousy, but is resolute and steadfast on never surrendering to this emotion? What if they are tired of feeling this emotion and are hellbent on overcoming it?

On the other hand, if they took you for granted and cheated on you, bingo, this jealousy thing will get them crawling back faster than any other tactic under the sun. These scenarios and situations must be examined individually. We have seen this play, jealousy, absolutely destroy people’s situation in getting back together with an ex and we have seen it work. Like so many other examples in the get your ex back game, your unique breakup and your unique situation dictates the efficacy of these type of plays.

What about going completely silent or dark across all platforms after a breakup? This tactic represents the other side of exhibitionism and plays on the voyeuristic side of social media. Some ex’s are extremely thirsty for intelligence on their ex and want to peak in the window on occasion (or every day). If you starve your ex of this sensation, it can very well create far greater attraction than feeding your ex with visual or mental illustrations. The insatiable desire for your ex to get information on you has been cut off with this “going dark” tactic and often times, leads to a reach-out by your ex faster than had you posted anything at all.

This article only addresses the two extremes of jealousy, exhibition and starving your ex of information, disallowing voyeurism. However, understand that when you call a get my ex back coach, we will go over at least 4 or 5 other major food groups that can be tapped via social medi, like creating subtle messages engendering mystery and intrigue without going to either extreme. For instance, news related posts, hobbyist type posts, narratives or special interest, hyperlocal media interests, etc. When you engage us with coaching, we will clearly share what we believe will work or fail based on your unique breakup and the personality profile of your ex you provide us.


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