How Does Love Fit Into The Plans of Reuniting with Your Ex?

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Are you still in love with your ex? Is your ex still in love with you?

Love is a beautiful emotion and creates the strongest of energy. As the old adage states, the world itself may not rotate without it.
Our focus as ‘get your ex back coaches’ is solely to help you in the process of reuniting with your ex, but we don’t mind priming you with philosophical questions regarding love prior to coaching you to reach that goal of getting back together with your ex.

For instance, if love is so powerful, why are you now being denied this love by your ex? We know it’s because you are now split up, but what role did love have in this breakup? Didn’t your ex state their undying love for you at some point? How did it disappear? Weren’t you supposed to be in love unconditionally forever?

As we all know, this powerful force called love is not always unconditional and can be more fluid and tenuous than our mothers ever led us to believe. In fact, the love we project or receive, as it turns out, may not even be love at all (a distinction that is never for us to determine on a call but a distinction we challenge you to make reading this article.)
We don’t question our clients on this topic of true love, fake love, possessive love or power grabbing. We assume the love was neither real or fake because only two people involved with each other can truly determine such a state. However, we do know you want your ex back to continue the journey, and we do know the love you feel is ABSOLUTELY real from your perspective. We understand you are in love or you were in love and you aren’t pretending.

Re-attraction is necessary

The only way to reconcile with your ex is via re-attraction and our job is solely to help guide you on making the most attractive, strategic moves in reuniting with your ex. We don’t philosophize on the topic of true love on coaching calls. Ultimately, we don’t need to know the answers to these philosophical questions regarding love, but you are encouraged to reflect on your own: Did your ex ever truly love you back? Are you able to love yourself first? How dependent are you on your ex for this love? Does your ex owe you love forever?

In other words, maybe getting back together with your ex and maximizing your overall attractiveness will require you to reevaluate your attachment to this person in order to level the playing field and not cede so much emotional capital in the name of love. The name of the game is re-attraction. Re-igniting the spark, not replaying scenes from Hollywood romantic flicks that have nothing to do with your situation. (Silver Linings Playbook is a fantastic movie on this topic)

So is this magical force called love actually keeping you from reconciliation? We challenge you with these questions to prime you for coaching in terms of maximizing your odds for reuniting with your ex. You will be at a more advanced starting place with strategy sessions if you have at least reflected on these questions prior to calling us for individual coaching.

We don’t guarantee that you will get your ex back, but at a minimum we can tell you your odds based on many years of experience helping people all over the world re-attract their ex.

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