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Do you have a method or a system to get your ex back?

Stop contacting your ex in any capacity until you call ZooMonkey so we can get you on a charted course for reconciliation with your ex.

First: We need to change your ex’s perspective of you.

Second: Teach you the steps to allow your ex to value you at a higher level.

Third: Allow your ex to feel comfortable with you in general.

These objectives create the three major tenants for reconciliation.  This is the crux of the ZooMonkey system.



ZooMonkey- A system for getting your ex back.


When you call, we will go over your breakup in detail over the phone and discuss the best re-attraction techniques for you; including texts, emails, phone calls, face-to-face meetings, dealing with mutual friends/family members, facebook relations, dating other people, and re-approaching your ex after all the conditions have been met. People laugh, but we even a system for facebook attraction that has proven to yield immediate results.

Unfortunately, after a breakup has occurred, all the rules of attraction, desire, and passion have completely been turned upside down and are nowhere near the same as they were when you were together. (even if the breakup happened one hour ago…things are immediately different.)  The ZooMonkey system, as crazy as it sounds, will help you create re-attraction, which is key.

One thing that we help you with in our system is the law of scarcity:

If your ex knows you are very available and can be taken back easily, you are not going to get your ex back.  This concept is by far the hardest principle for people to understand because your feelings have been amplified. You want to be more available to your ex, not less.  The concept of scarcity is based on the fact that people want what they can’t have.  Why are diamonds so popular, because they are rare.

Our personal coaching system enables you to resist decisions made solely based on emotions by helping you identifiy the key ingredients to re-attraction and by helping you dramatically alter your actions accordingly.  These new actions by you will create new attraction from your ex.  Most people need coaching to pull this off and we offer it to you.   The techniques we use can not be found in the movies and the support we offer can’t be found from family and friends.

Call us at 888 666 1871 to go over your unique situation.

Bottom line: Whether your breakup happened yesterday or 1 year ago, the actions you take in the form of replying to your ex and approaching your ex is critical if you want to get back together, regardless of time.  We are here every step of the way to walk you through this proven system.  If you don’t get personal coaching from us, get coaching somewhere.

We are aware of the ebook system for getting your ex back and other systems but we truly believe that our protected ‘zoomonkey’ system, which personalizes every step, is the best because you get to call us as events unfold.

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