When Should You Move On From An Ex?

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You Should Move On From Your Ex:

1) You should move on from your ex when they have repeatedly asked you to stay away and don’t contact them again with zero room for interpretation. They may change their mind later, but for right now that is the clearest sign they need their space. 

2) It is time to move on when many months have gone by and your ex is still not responsive to your simplest or kindest acts of reaching out, also known as ‘ghosting’, they are making it clear they have lost interest.

3) When your ex is living with someone else, engaged or otherwise committed to someone else, we understand it is tough, but you need to let them go. 

Still, the question whether or not to completely give up on your ex depends on your unique situation, and it is often best to have an outsiders perspective. Though we can’t promise your ideal outcome, we have experience in all types of relationship scenarios and are happy to listen and help guide you through tried and true methods used in the process of reattraction.

Please feel free to call 888-666-1871 to discuss your true chances of reconciliation.

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