Getting Your Relationship Back After a Breakup

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Understand that your relationship will never be the same again after a breakup. (it could end up much better and/or different but not the same..)


Am I growing a pair of gills? Am I changing? Will life go back in time?


The zoomonkey system teaches that, if you are to reattract your ex, your ex must see that you respect the breakup, yourself and your ex’s wishes to end the relationship as it previously existed (with an emphasis on “previously existed”). Your ex is watching you to see if you are looking at your future and the current time with a new set of lenses as requested implicitly and sometimes explicitly from the person who initiated the breakup. A laser focus on the past, according to your ex, will NOT be attractive at this point and needs to be avoided at all costs. Your ex is watching you now in terms of how you handle this breakup perhaps more intensely than he or she did during the relationship, even if not responding to texts, phone calls or emails.

It’s called behavioral observance in the zoomonkey system and behavioral observance is being practiced by your ex extensively during the first 30 days of the breakup period and then even more extensively after a two week period following this first phase. Relationship reconciliation is a phased process.

The good news is that during the behavioral observance phase, your job is to work on yourself and to refocus your energy and time on self improvement without engaging your ex in conversation or status updates, facebook or otherwise.  This phase of relationship reconciliation, while sounding the simplest and easiest is actually the most difficult phase by far and has the highest failure rate in the zoomonkey process unfortunately.

The idea behind self focus during this phase after a breakup is to be able to give your ex space in the form of mental relaxation and affords you the ability to gear up for reapproaching the ex at the right time. This first phase of relationship reconciliation is NOT measured by days or weeks or increments of time but rather by “preparedness levels” to re-approach your ex and your ex’s level of achieved comfortability during this phase.

The mental relaxation state that you want your ex to achieve sooner than later, will allow for re-attraction to occur and without it, the natural psychological ingredients necessary for reattraction will not occur. This is a period of comfortability for your ex and also a way for the ex to start to see you as an equal if you perform properly in this initial time frame.  This first phase will allow for your social value to increase dramatically as well.

When you call us, we will help you decide where you are in your breakup 1-888-666-1871

Your past relationship was beautiful in your head but severely broken in the head of your ex.  Understand that life is about change and while you have the right to strive to renew your old relationship, you will be taking on a new form.

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