Playing Obvious Relationship Games With Your Ex

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Why do you want to play relationship games? No one likes to play games, or do they?

In fact, some may argue that the ideal relationship should require zero games. Theoretically , the overall health of a relationship could be measured by the amount of “games” required to sustain the heat, spark, and the chemistry. Healthy relationships shouldn’t require psychological warfare, and trickery to sustain itself. Less is definitely more in this instance.

But you are no longer in a healthy relationship. Correct? (Perhaps, you wouldn’t be reading this if you were…)
You are broken up. Step one in so many things in life is acceptance. You must not be in denial over the breakup. You must realize that you are truly broken up.

Now that you have acknowledged and accepted that you are OUTSIDE of the relationship, you don’t want to be like a wet dog with fleas scratching on the door looking for warmth and companionship even though you feel that way at the moment. You won’t be welcomed back.

You want to be the groomed, healthy golden retriever that gets invited inside to sit next to the fire in the living room with everyone while your new hosts take selfies with you. How can you reach this level?

You will absolutely need to play a few games to get in this position after a breakup. Depending on how angry and bitter and disenchanted your ex has become, you will need to ferociously fight your inner instincts as a non-game-player and step up to the plate, willing and open to play a few games which will help reboot attraction.

We aren’t referring to self help type activities (which can never hurt), we are talking about tactics and moves and plays to be made to get inside the mind of your ex in order to recapture some much needed attraction points. (Or walk away forever which is sometimes the absolute best course of action depending on your unique situation…depending on your choice, no one else’s)

Also, if you are wanting another chance with your ex and you feel the breakup was senseless and unnecessary, your ex should never realize that you are playing any sort of “get your ex back” game. Never.
You can’t get your ex back if your ex thinks you are playing a get your ex back game.

The number one rule in getting your ex back is for your ex to believe you can “take it or leave it” regarding any type of reconciliation. The most powerful person in any negotiation is the one that can most easily walk away. If your ex knows you are going through all these extrajudicial steps to get back, you have lost more power then ever and will lose.

In summation, after you have been released from a relationship (dumped), you will have to play high level psychological games without your ex realizing you are conducting a re-attraction campaign. Don’t worry, when you call us, we will go over every possible strategy and option within the ZooMonkey reconciliation system to get your ex back while maintaining this discretion. We’ve seen a million mistakes and have witnessed many magical moves in this game and are happy to discuss your options if we think we can help. Be prepared to disclose a few high level details on the “what are my chances” call with us before we recommend or dissuade you on coaching options. That first call is on us.

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