Using Facebook to Get Back With Ex

 In How To Get Your Ex Back

Using Facebook can be the greatest tool ever to get back with an ex, or the biggest disaster!

Facebook. It’s all how you use it.


If your ex is not on Facebook, don’t assume they are not able to see your updates, even if you have restrictions set accordingly, they more than likely have people on your friends list keeping tabs on you.

When you call us, we will walk you through some proven Facebook techniques to re-attract your ex without them even knowing you are considering reconciling with them.

Every situation is unique, so when you call us, we will review in more detail your personal situation and go over the specific tact to take for getting your ex back with the help of Facebook and other online social networking sites.  We will customize your approach specifically to your needs and your history with your ex.

Here are a few basic tips for Getting Your Ex Back Using Facebook, but we do not recommend making any moves without calling us first.

1) Your Profile Picture: Change it after the breakup!  We see all kinds of disastrous approaches on the profile pic front. Choosing an irrelevant picture to you and the breakup is best.

2)  Updates: Don’t go sappy and don’t go too positive.  Keep things relatively neutral with a lean on the positive. Good humor and wit is always a great way to go, but don’t make it obvious that you are trying too hard.  Also, monitor your frequency of updates. 

3) Pictures: Do not post pics of you with anybody directly after a breakup. Your ex could get more angry and that can be harmful in your chances of reconciliation.

4) Un-friending/Blocking your ex:  This is a tricky one.  Never block your ex. Un-friending can sometimes be great, depending on the situation.

Remember, if you or your ex is active on any social media apps a quick call to us for some specialized help will be extremely beneficial.

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  • emily

    MY HUSBAND DIVORCE OUR MARRIAGE. because he was dating my
    best maris. ever since then things has changed for us and
    also toward my kids he nolonger care about us. i have warn
    her several times to leave my family alone but she kept saying
    that it is my husband that always keep coming to her. and when
    she told him what i have told her he will come home and beat me
    up. 2yrs ago he wrote up for divorce and we got divorced i am
    still very young this apriel i will be 30 but my age does not
    stop men from coming my way they were asking me for marriage
    but i can’t because my heart belong to him i can’t just love
    some else. 6month ago i contacted a spell caster who scammed
    me and collected all the money i have and kept asking for more
    with that i was discouraged. i know that there are real magician
    but can’t really figure out one of them, 3days ago my younger
    sister her husband junior sister came to my shop to buy some food
    stuff then ni was surprise because it was her husband that brought
    her i took her into my office and was asking her what the hell i’m
    i seeing because they had a divorce then she was telling me it’s
    was about a month ago when sh contacted sunlight and that after
    everything she brought back her husband. i thought it’s was a joke
    what trip me most was that just as the goddess says that he will
    swear never to hurt me again and really he did. right then i asked
    for her contact she told me she will send it once she get home right
    then i wrote my email for her to send it on.2;30pm that day she sent it
    then i mailed she concerning my issue and problems then the goddess replied
    and gave me hope and some strong advice i was very strong in faith when
    she was able to advice me in such manner. so she told me what to do i did
    everything later it was 6:00pm she wrote to me that she is through with it
    and that 2hrs from now he will coming i thought a joke.and i was checking
    the time i sat down in the stting room with my kids later i slept off after
    a while my phone rang text message it was my husband begging me he said he
    couldn’t call because he don’t know what to say. i called him he was crying
    i can’t believe it though i was crying too but we spoke on and he told us
    to come over i said he then he sweared just as the goddess says he will never
    gonna leave us again i said ok because mother sunlight already told me that.
    30mins later he dove to my place my kids where shoucked when they saw their dad
    though never wanted to huge but when they sees me crying and begging they went
    he took us out for shopping and we have settled. i want to use this opportunity
    to annouce that if anybody needs help please contact mother sunlight because
    spell casters are all fake ok mail her at she is the
    queen mother of peace. thank you once again ma’am i love you.

  • vicky

    i am victoria by name and my boyfriend is ricky 6years ago he was
    in police case that he joined a robbing group which lead him to jail
    and ever since i have ben trying my best to work him out i borrowed
    some money for his release and because of him i slept with the police
    manager so he could help release him i have been trying my best until
    6months ago he was released he didn’t tell me i went their but was told he
    is out i wanted to check their place on my way i saw him with surprise
    i ran to huge him but he was not happy to see me to my greatest surprise
    he told me it is over because i left him in jail without no help i was
    too weak to explain how i have suffered for him because i was crying and
    and speechless, ever since he doesn’t call me if i do he doesn’t pick i was
    in pains i contacted 4 different spell casters and i was scammed nothing
    works out then i lose hope i can’t anything without him he is all i have
    3days ago i saw a comment on get back plan that talked about sunlight i won’t
    have contacted because i saw she has done so many things and also a goddess
    i contacted her and explained everything about me to her when she replied she
    told me what to do and i did though i never have faith on her after a while
    she mailed that the spell has been done that he will come now!!! i was waiting
    for his call he never called 3hrs later i wanted to mail because i was very
    desperate then someone knocked i said who is it the person kept quiet i went to
    the door when i open i saw him holding a rose and knee i shouted not because
    of what he did because of sunlight because of her truth and compassionate, then
    i raise him and he kissed and we went for date and he begged and swore never to
    never me again just as the goddess says, that night i mailed and thanked her very
    much and i vowed i am going to tell those in pain just like i was. pls if you need
    her help email and i advice pls don’t lose hope she is real
    thanks to you daughter of durga glory be unto your name love you…

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