What Are The Chances of Getting My Ex back

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What are the chances of Getting My Ex Back, you ask?

Five ways to get over an ex

             Will my ex come back?

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place. “What are the chaces of getting my ex back?” is our most asked question. Everybody wants reassurance things will work out in their favor. We can’t promise anything, but we know your chances of getting your ex back are dependant on three factors:

1) The length of the relationship effects your odds for reconciliation, but this factor does not effect your chances as greatly as the other two factors. Even though it is listed as number one, it is actually weighed as lowest of importance.

2) The type of breakup matters, was it: Situational, Planned/Orchastrated (read up on Monkey Branching here) or was the breakup incidental? 

3) The ultimate reason/s for the breakup effects your chances, too.

Call Zoo Monkey for your first free call. When you do, we will ask detailed questions pertaining to all three of these factors for a deep assessment, because the likelihood of you getting back together with your ex is also influenced by a ‘hidden fourth factor’. That is, your ability to be coached. How you handle coaching is totally important in increasing your chances of reconciliation with your ex.

All breakups are unique. It is best to get advice from an outside perspective. When you call us, we will help you decide where you are in your breakup process.


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