Sleeping with Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend | Should I have Sex with my Ex if I want to Get Back ?

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Sleeping with Your Ex Can Be Hot and Amazingly Fun and Exciting…but be careful. 


Should I really allow for sex with my ex?

If you have the option (which most do NOT) and/or if you are considering sleeping with your ex again after a breakup and you want to get back together, call us first because even though there are general rules, it depends on your situation as to the benefit or the cost in terms of reconciling. (obviously we know you are not going to stop doing what the lady in the picture is doing and run to the phone to call but you know what we mean, crazy person :). call us before you get this far because sex is powerful and it may mean the difference between reconciliation or not.

Two Main Factors for making a Decision on Sleeping with Your Ex:

1) Gender- If my ex is a horny man and just looking to get some action and move on anyway, I better be cautious and sleeping with him could be a horrible idea for reconciliation.  If my ex is a woman, sleeping with her may not be a bad idea at all. 

2) Stage in the process of getting back together- This factor is worth a free call to us to discuss. It depends on where you are in the reconciliation process to determine if sleeping with each other is a good idea.

Sex with My Girlfriend

If your ex is a woman, sleeping with her can be beneficial to getting her back in a huge way.

Women are more emotionally connected as a whole to men once they commit to sex with them and it is treated with much more emotional impact in a good way.  (not always, but as a general rule). However, if the breakup is real recent and your woman is looking for a quickie right after the breakup it could go either way and it depends in the situation. Sleeping with her could actually be a bad idea as well.

Sex with My Ex Boyfriend

If your ex is a man, sleeping with him is not a good idea.

Unfortunately, men need to be forced to work harder for sex and if you give it to them after a breakup too easily you are lowering your odds of getting back together.  As a general rule, it is not a good idea to have sex with your ex boyfriend but it can be very good at the later stages of reconciliation.  Call us to discuss your personal situation in private and we can advise you as the best option.

 Sleeping with a Rebound While Trying to Get Back with My Ex?

This is a real sticky situation.  Make sure your ex does not find out, regardless of gender. You may “need” to do this and it actually could be amazing for you in terms of helping get your “mojo” back but it is not always a good idea for so many obvious reasons. Your friends will ALL be telling you it is a GREAT IDEA…men and women. But be careful, either way.

When you call us, we will help you decide where you are in your breakup 1-888-666-1871

Sleeping with a new love prospect may be ok with you, regardless of gender, but it won’t help with reconciliation if the sex is flaunted and used for jealousy.

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