Coping with a Breakup

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Coping with a Breakup Is Harder For Some Than Others.

Some people are indifferent and find moving on to someone new as quickly as possible their best solution. Others need a little time to work it out with themselves and some need more chances with their ex to try and make the relationship right. Regardless, they are all a coping process.
Answering the Coping Questions below will help you discover how you are truly recovering from your breakup. Need help finding your answers or want to talk them over? Call us to review your answers and discuss how you are coping. 


Coping With A Breakup Can Be Hard!

We know most of these questions can be tough, but this exercise is valuable. Take your time and be honest with yourself.


1) I feel the most like myself when:

2) I feel the happiest when:

3) In five years I plan to be:

4) The main thing I love about my ex is:

5) I enjoyed being with my ex most when: 

6) Coping with this breakup is becoming more difficult or easier because:

7) The goals I want to accomplish most in life are:

8) I feel most complete when:

9) I believe in the relationship concept(s) of:

10) What I find most attractive in other people is:

11) I get angriest when I am:

12) I feel most at peace when I:

13) I feel weakest when:

14) My favorite feature I have is:

15) My best character trait is:


We hope you found answering these Coping Questions beneficial. How Do You Feel? Give us a call now to further discuss how you are handling your breakup and what it will take to get your ex back.

Every breakup is unique. When you call us we help you decide where you are in the breakup process and what your next moves in reconciliation should be.



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  • HOW TO MAKE YOUR LOVE PERFECT +2348155425481

    Dr Obodo, I still laugh every time I think of my former ex (now fiancé). I had the adult dysfunctions revenge spell cast on him and got to hear the stories come in. He couldn’t figure out what had happened to him. He tried pills, creams, anything over the counter or under to help his situation. After watching him suffer a bit, I was sympathetic and we talked, ended up working out our differences and I reversed the spell. He still doesn’t know what happened and I still laugh when I think about it.How to reach Dr.Obodo for help Email:
    Cell: +(234)815-5425481

    Jenna, Alberta, Canada

  • natalie

    i am victoria by name and my boyfriend is ricky 6years ago he was
    in police case that he joined a robbing group which lead him to jail
    and ever since i have ben trying my best to work him out i borrowed
    some money for his release and because of him i slept with the police
    manager so he could help release him i have been trying my best until
    6months ago he was released he didn’t tell me i went their but was told he
    is out i wanted to check their place on my way i saw him with surprise
    i ran to huge him but he was not happy to see me to my greatest surprise
    he told me it is over because i left him in jail without no help i was
    too weak to explain how i have suffered for him because i was crying and
    and speechless, ever since he doesn’t call me if i do he doesn’t pick i was
    in pains i contacted 4 different spell casters and i was scammed nothing
    works out then i lose hope i can’t anything without him he is all i have
    3days ago i saw a comment on get back plan that talked about sunlight i won’t
    have contacted because i saw she has done so many things and also a goddess
    i contacted her and explained everything about me to her when she replied she
    told me what to do and i did though i never have faith on her after a while
    she mailed that the spell has been done that he will come now!!! i was waiting
    for his call he never called 3hrs later i wanted to mail because i was very
    desperate then someone knocked i said who is it the person kept quiet i went to
    the door when i open i saw him holding a rose and knee i shouted not because
    of what he did because of sunlight because of her truth and compassionate, then
    i raise him and he kissed and we went for date and he begged and swore never to
    never me again just as the goddess says, that night i mailed and thanked her very
    much and i vowed i am going to tell those in pain just like i was. pls if you need
    her help email and i advice pls don’t lose hope she is real
    thanks to you daughter of durga glory be unto your name love you…

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