Should I Write a Letter to My Ex?

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Should I Write a Letter to My Ex?

Most people ask us, should I write a letter to my ex? It’s ok if you have written one or many letters to your ex. It means you have a soul. Even though it is strategically not the best idea at times, it happens… Now that you have done it, stop writing the letters and emails and don’t worry about if or when you will get responses.

Write All The Letters To My Ex

Write your letters, just don’t send them.

We find that the most romantic, heartfelt, letters occur after a breakup. It seems as if everyone sufferring from a breakup and wanting to reconcile suddenly becomes Shakespeare with out-of-this-world writing passages laced with heavenly words of romance and of longing phrases of desire. While these sentiments may be have been openly recieved during the relationhship, these letters, emails, DM’s etc. do NOT help anything in terms of re-attraction. In fact, any acts that may appear desperate at this time hurt your reconciling odds tremendously.

We know it is brutal, but hang in there. Write letters to your ex if you need to, but the key is to purge emotions by writing all of your thoughts down via letters to your ex, journal entries and blogs for yourself without sending or posting them.

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