When Do I Give Up on My Ex and Move On ?

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You need to give-up on your ex girlfriend or boyfriend when :


1) they have repeatedly told you to not contact them again with zero ambiguity or room for interpretation. if your ex has asked for you to stay away and not initiate contact with them again, it is time to give up.

2) when many months have gone by and they are not responsive to the simplest acts of reaching out for contact after several attempts by you, stop, give up, and move on.

3) when you realize that your ex was not the right one for you anyway and you realize that they were the one that lost out, not you, give-up on your ex.

4) when you realize that the relationship was broken for a reason and you are better off starting new with someone other then your ex, you need to give-up on your ex.

5) when your ex is living with someone else or engaged or obviously serious with someone else, you need to give up on your ex.. a lot of internet advice somehow encourages people to still hang on to the hope of reconciliation in this case, but we categorically think it is a life mistake and it is time to move on.

Most people that call us want to know when to give-up on their ex. We can help you with this question when you call us. Please feel free to call 888-666-1871 and we can compare your situation with other client situations and give you your chances for reconciliation.

The question to give-up or not give up on your ex is often a question that requires another person to help you explore.

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