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Relationship equality is something we teach at ZooMonkey with great passion and it is important for getting your ex back if you don’t relinquish all the power.


Take a stand with your dignity after a break up. Don’t become a doormat.

Of course your ex has all the power at first but this power structure can change very quickly if you make the proper moves.

1) Your ex will treat you like a doormat if you act like a doormat. You will not be able to change the power structure in this manner.  Do not allow your anxiety and regret to subordinate yourself into a withering, wet, stray gorilla or zoo monkey. Be a lion or lioness in the eyes of your ex. You can cry and mope in privacy of course since you are human but in front of your ex, these behaviors are bad if you are looking to reconcile.

2) Your ex will immediately devalue you as a love prospect if you elevate your ex to a ridiculously high level where you can’t live without your ex.  We know you actually feel this way, and we know that these feelings are intense, but if your ex catches wind of your feelings then this will be detrimental for reconciliation.

3) Jealousy- Don’t show or illustrate jealousy in any regard to your ex or to common/mutual friends.

We kn0w that jealousy is a real emotion and is extremely hard to suppress however, you are not holding on to your personal power at all by illustrating this emotion outwardly to the world, and especially to your ex.

4) Don’t allow for your ex to draw you into long conversations directly after a breakup.  We see this power depleting move occur daily in our breakup coaching practice. We will explain in more detail when you call, but this is a common problem that truly messes up the chances for reconciliation in a big way.

Go to for more information on power plays and recapturing your power.

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  • Danny oneill

    I’ve made all these mistakes, begging, pleading, crying, getting angry using guilt etc, so many mistakes over the last nine months, but my ex will still talk to me says she wants to be alone and for us to be friends? We have children together

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