When your ex does not truly care about your well being, spirit, or feelings. | Is my ex a narcissist?

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Some couples are not meant to be and never were meant to be… 🙁

What if your ex truly does not care about you anymore?

Before you start labeling your ex with names and characterizations like psychopath, sociopath, borderline personality, and yes, the most popular among our female clients, “narcissist…”, stop and realize that you may be in a situation where your ex just doesn’t care.  It’s like eating rat poison and expecting the rat to die.

Your ex may simply not care about you but be normal in other people’s eyes.  All these labels may be applicable to your ex and they also may not be applicable but either way, the act of hurling names publicly like these can also hurt you in more ways then one. (privately, and on the phone with us, you are allowed to curse, scream, and swear your ex all you want with as many labels as you see fit, but we clearly can’t affirm such labels other then discussion…) If your ex is under the heavy influence of hatred, bitterness, and scorn, there is little you can do until they remove themselves from this influence which we have seen happen but if it’s extreme it could take years.  We see extreme cases where an ex refuses to speak or answer calls under the most reasonable requests (not stalking scenarios or constant annoyance , but more like an ex refusing to speak after 2 years of a relationship for a simple brief moment to add small closure points after breaking up on text.)

When your ex is refusing to respond under the most reasonable requests, your ex is either under the influence of serious negativity from others or needing to sort things out or simply does not have a care in the world for you anymore and is not going to budge without time.

These are extreme cases, and we typically coach strong no contact on these cases and sometimes extended no contact but after a certain amount of time, if the ex is still not responding to any requests and ignoring altogether then we strongly encourage our clients to move on and accept that the relationship was not meant to be.

Maybe your ex is simply “not into you” and does not care.

It’s the saddest of predicaments but can be real unfortunately. When you call us we can help you discern the difference between an ex that simply wants space and one that truly could never love you again and could care less.

When you call us we will help you decide where you are in your breakup 1-888-666-1871

A sociopath is someone with no conscious or feelings whatsoever for other people. Just because your ex is showing no feelings to you doesn’t mean your ex is indeed one…it may just mean they don’t care about you at the moment. www.breakupsupport.com

Just because your ex doesn’t care about you, doesn’t mean the rest of your life should stop. Others in your life care much more so you should not neglect these people.

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