What are the chances of my ex coming back?

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What are my chances that my ex will come back and become re-attracted to me? Should I give up?


Will my ex come back to me?

Your chances of getting your ex back are dependant on three factors:

1) Length of the relationship affects your odds for reconciliation but this factor does not affect your chances as great as the other factors even though it is listed as number one. (it is actually weighted the lowest)

2) The “brand” or type of breakup- situational, planned/orchastrated, or incidental affects your chances score.

3) The reasons for the breakup affects your chances score.

When you call Zoo Monkey for your first free “what are my chances ” call, we will ask you detailed questions on all three of these factors and drill deep into assesment/analysis.

The likelihood of you getting back is never 100 percent and it is also influenced by a “hidden fourth” factor that is intentionally not included in the top three factors for increasing your probability, and that is your ability to be coached. How you handle coaching is totally important in terms of increasing your chances.

Once we gather up the chances information on your odds for getting your ex back , we enter them into a proprietary grid which will give us a ” chances ” score based on high, low, medium or based on a percentage depending on the zoomonkey coach.

When you call us, we will help you decide where you are in your breakup 1-888-666-1871

You can choose the type of ZooMonkey Chances Score Assesment you desire.

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