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As a breakup coach, I receive emails all the time from Clients and we ask on occasion if we can post them anonymously on our blog for others to read.

The Breakup Coach

When will she come around?

This is a ZooMonkey client’s perspective on a personal breakup coach tactic and the No Contact Rule that got published in an online magazine about relationships:

“Do you want your ex back after a breakup?

I got mine back with a breakup coach. It was an interesting experience and well worth it.

Unfortunately, breakups happen every second of the day, all the time. Mine was one of the millions, unfortunately, but luckily, I found a breakup coach on the internet.

A “get your ex back  breakup coach” is vital in these cases if reconciliation is your goal. As I learned, sometimes a relationship breakup is for the best but often times the breakup is a result of emotions that are temporary and are not in the best interest for the couple. There are a lot of great recommendations for getting your ex back on the internet but I am glad my breakup coach was with a company with a crazy name, ZooMonkey.

The zoomonkey breakup coach system endorses personal, ex back coaching, and can be found on google by searching for ex back coaching or just by going directly to zoomonkey. Every breakup is unique and a good breakup coach will be able to ascertain the small and sometimes large differences between your situation and the masses.

The way a person handles a breakup with an ex girlfriend or boyfriend, fiance, lover, wife or husband is extraordinarily crucial for the future of the relationship. Most people allow for their emotions to conquer them over strategy. Human emotions are so powerful and without a breakup coach, they can get in the way.

If a breakup occurs where neither individual wants to reconcile, than the behavior after the breakup does not really matter in terms of getting back together. However, if someone wants a second chance and to get back together with their ex, than they fall in the 99 percent category of saying and doing the wrong things. For instance, saying, “I will always love you” to your ex after he or she broke up with you is the wrong thing to say, yet so many people use these words.

So many people allow for their emotions to dictate their behavior during a breakup and this completely crushes the chances of reconciliation most of the time.

From what is reported on the web and from what I experienced, the zoomonkey system is similar but unique in that it incorporates your specific situation for getting back with your ex by using coaching.

Using the no contact approach alone will not be enough to get your ex back for two main reasons.

#1) no contact is next to impossible to truly pull off when you are suffering a breakup with someone you love, so why base an entire strategy for getting your ex back on a technique that is so unrealistically hard.  A breakup coach is essential to make it through.

#2) sometimes limited contact and controlled contact is necessary. A zoomonkey certified breakup coach will go over your best choices.

In summation, getting your ex back is no easy task but it is indeed possible with determination and faith and most importantly, with a competent and experienced breakup coach.


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