Writing Letters to your Ex | Should I send a letter to my ex boyfriend or girlfriend?

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Are you writing Letters To Your Ex?


You can write them, just don’t send them until we talk.


Understand that you want your ex to be afforded appropriate time and space in order to provide fertile ground for the seeds of re-attraction.

It’s ok if you have written many letters to your ex.  It means you have a soul.  Even though it is strategically not the best idea at times, it happens on 100% of the people that call us.  But now that you have done it, stop writing the letters at this point and don’t worry about your past “mistakes”.  The past letters are ok but now is a new day.

We find that the most romantic, heartfelt, and poetic letters occur after a breakup.  It seems as if everyone sufferring from a breakup and wanting to reconcile suddenly become Shakespeare with out-of-this-world writing passages laced with heavenly words of romance, heartfelt letters, gestures of longing, and endless phrases of desire.  While these sentiments may be have been recieved like manna from heaven during the relationhship, these passages/ letters/writings do NOT help anything in terms of reattraction. In fact, they hurt tremendously.

Ease up on the pen, Shakespeare, we know that your ex is your hero and your personal saviour but you are not helping your cause by purging all of your emotions to your ex in this format at this time.  There will be plenty of time in the future for mad professions of undying love, but right now, chill baby…just write the stuff and not send if you have to 🙂

We know it is brutal. Hang in there and don’t send any love letters anymore. It’s ok if you have but it’s time to stop. (at least until you call us…)

The key is to write all of your thoughts down via journals, letters , blogs, wherever, but don’t send them.  They will contain way too much damaging information that will come back to hurt you with reconciliation.

Letters may have been fabulous when the relationship was thriving, but not after a breakup.

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